Sell more to your business customers by offering Buy Now Pay Later terms!

 Offer credit from $500 - $250,000

 Attract more SME customers

 Make larger sales, more often

 Get paid immediately

 Integrates with Xero accounting software

 Accept payment in-store or online

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Attract new SME customers!

XpressPAY is a better way for your business customers to buy now and pay later, helping you sell more, more often. You'll be able to offer them credit from $500 to $250,000 with interest-free and repayment-free terms of up to 3 months, all the while getting paid upfront.


Customers enjoy paying later, while you get paid immediately.


Sell more, more often with buy now pay later terms.


Give customers access to $250,000 with 12 mo to pay.


Easily integrate XpressPAY in store, online or over the phone.

Offer Better Payment Terms

With XpressPAY, your business customers can buy now and pay later - helping you sell more, more often!

Your business customers can use XpressPAY for any transaction from $500 to $250,000
Your business customers can use XpressPAY as many times as needed within their approved limit.
Your business customers can pay for goods and services whether you sell online or in-person.
Your business customers have 12 months to repay, with no interest or repayments for the first 3 months.

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XpressPAY in 3 Simple Steps

Product Details

The smarter credit solution for your SME customers

XpressPAY can help you do more business with more SMEs.

Good business deserves a great repayment solution - XpressPAY gives your customers an easier way to pay for business purchases with credit from $500 to $250,000 and interest-free and repayment-free terms of up to 3 months.

Unlike a business credit card, each payment with XpressPAY is managed as an individual loan with a 12-month term. Customers have the benefit of additional funds and more control, so they can better manage their cash flow.

There are no upfront or hidden fees and no penalties for early repayment and XpressPAY can be used time and again through a national network of merchants. And did we mention we’re fast - we’re not called XpressPAY for kicks. When you process a transaction, you have the confidence knowing the XpressPAY funds will be in your account the same day.

Fees and charges and our standard lending criteria apply. Full details of the relevant terms and conditions are available on application.

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XpressPAY + Xero

We’ve connected with the popular Xero accounting software, so when you invoice your customers, they’ll have the option to pay with XpressPAY, right away.


How do I become a merchant?

To become a merchant complete the sign up form on this page. One of our friendly consultants will get in touch with you to answer your questions and get you set up as a merchant.

We’ve designed XpressPAY to be flexible so integrating into your business is easy regardless of whether you sell your products and services online or in store. We’ll even help you market XpressPAY to your customers.

What fees does the merchant pay?

There are no setup or ongoing fees to become an XpressPAY merchant.

A small merchant fee is charged each time your customer pays for your product or service using their XpressPAY credit facility.

This merchant fee is charged as a percentage of the total sale amount and ranges from 1.00 - 6.00% depending on your XpressPAY sales volumes. The more of your customers that use XpressPAY the lower the merchant fee percentage.

Many merchants build the XpressPAY merchant fee into the cost of their product or service so they don’t lose any revenue at all.

Why offer buy now pay later terms?

Offering great payment terms means more business customers will be able to spend with you.

Providing your customers access up to $250,000 and 12 months to repay, means your customers will be able to make much bigger purchases with you.

Best of all you get paid upfront so you never have to chase customers for payment.

How does XpressPAY Work?

XpressPAY is a smarter way for your customers to pay for their business purchases while better managing their cash flow.

Customers can set up an XpressPAY in just a few minutes. Once approved, they will be able to use their new buy now pay later credit facility as many times as they need within their assigned limit, anywhere XpressPAY is accepted.

Each time they use XpressPAY for a purchase, they’ll be instantly notified to verify the payment, in order to complete the purchase. XpressPAY will then pay you the Merchant directly, while your customers enjoy 12 months to repay. To make things even better, we’ve made the first 3 months interest-free and repayment-free, so there’s nothing to pay at all during this period. After that, your customers repayments are scheduled in equal monthly installments.

There is no set-up or establishment fee, no direct debit fees, and no penalty if your customers repay early.

XpressPAY keeps your customers in control, so they can jump into their customer dashboard at any time to see their repayment schedule, manage repayments, and keep on top of their business cash flow.

Can anyone use XpressPAY?

XpressPAY is for your business customers only. To set up an account your customer will need to have an active ABN, operated their business for a minimum of 6 months and average at least $5,000 in monthly sales/turnover.

What fees will my customers pay?

Your customers will not be charged any interest if they repay their balance in full within the 3 month interest-free period. After the 3 month interest-free period, an interest rate of 3% per month will be charged against the daily outstanding principal balance across the month.

After the first year your customers will need to pay an annual fee of $149 in order to keep their XpressPAY facility active.

Customers can log in to their XpressPAY Dashboard at any time and see a clear repayment schedule for each loan.

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